Megan Park Road To Christmas

Co-starring Megan Park road To Christmas is a Hallmark TV Christmas movie from 2006. Here is a biography of Megan Park and her movie career.

Full name: Megan Marie Park

DOB: 24th July 1986


Where born: Ontario, Canada

The 2006 TV movie “Road to Christmas” was Megan Park's first major screen credit. Aged 20 when the film was first aired, Megan was already something a veteran in show business.

She gained her love for acting at age 6 and a year later she was performing in a local production of the “Sound of Music”. This led to her becoming involved with Original Kids Theatre Company in Ontario.

By the time Megan was 15 she had been signed up by an agent in her native Canada and appeared in two series - “The Blobheads” and “Ace Lightning.”

By 2003 Megan's career took another big leap when played the young Cara Cabot in the Disney TV movie “This Time Around.”

Megan found bigger roles coming her way with a guest spot on the US drama “Angela's Eyes,” where she plays a girl of 14 caught up in a drug ring and an appearance in the 2007 critically acclaimed movie “Charlie Bartlett.”

Subsequently, Megan was a guest star in the Disney series “Life with Derek.”

Megan was also involved in the popular American TV series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” in which she plays 17-year-old Grace Kathleen Bowman.

Her involvement in this project saw her put a budding musical career on hold. A talented guitarist and song writer, Megan was in the band “Frank and Derol” with Codi Caraco. However, her acting career, at least for the time being, has taken precedence.

In several of her roles, Megan played younger characters, and this was especially so in “Road to Christmas.”

Though already 20 when the movie was released, she played 13-year-old Hilly Pullman.

The film also saw her co-starring with Jennifer Grey, playing Claire Jameson and and Clark Gregg (her on screen father Tom Pullman).

“Road to Christmas” is marvellous film for the festive season, especially as there is romance in the air as young Hilly plays her part in the development of a romantic attachment between her father Tom Pullman and Claire Jameson.

By her mid 20's, Megan was already a star. And her fame and fortune will no doubt be enhanced even further as “Road to Christmas” appears on our TV screens throughout the festive season for years to come.

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