Jennifer Grey Road To Christmas

Starring Jennifer Grey road To Christmas is a Hallmark TV Christmas movie from 2006. Here is a biography of Jennifer Grey and her movie career.

Full Name: Jennifer Elise Grey

DOB: 26th March 1950


Where born: New York, USA

Jennifer Grey played the role of Claire Jameson in the 2006 TV movie Road to Christmas, co-starring with Megan Park.

Jennifer plays a fashion designer who is set to take a journey to her Christmas wedding.

A cancelled flight and a failure to rent a hire car sees her having to take a lift with a father ( played by Clark Gregg) and daughter (Hilly played by Megan Park).

A difficult trip sees romance begin to blossom between the father Tom Pullman and bride-to-be Claire Jameson.

Jennifer Grey's involvement in show business and movies should come as no surprise as she was born into a show biz family. Her father is the renowned screen actor Joel Grey and her mother the former singer and actor Jo Wilder.

She was educated at the Dalton School in Manhattan where among her studies were singing and dancing.

Jennifer's big break came in 1986 when she played Jeannie in the movie “Ferris Bueller's Day Off.” She was to become engaged to Matthew Broderick who played her brother in the film.

The film Jennifer is most famous for is “Dirty Dancing,” released in 1987, in which she appeared with Patrick Swayze. Following the release of “Dirty Dancing” Jennifer played in a whole series of cinema and TV movies.

By 2010, at the age of 60 she had not only competed in, but won the TV series “Dancing with the Stars.”

Jennifer's private life has seen its share of troubles. In 1987, while on holiday with then finance Matthew Broderick she was involved in a car crash in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, which led to the death of a couple in the other car.

Broderick was charged and fined for careless driving while Jennifer suffered severe whiplash. That accident led to her having to have a titanium plate fitted in her neck before she could appear in “Dancing with the Stars” two decades later.

A subsequent check found a cancerous growth on her thyroid which had to be removed.

Jennifer's love life also saw here engaged to the actor Johnny Depp and dated George Stephanouplos.

But in a case of the movies reflecting real life, she was to marry Clark Gregg, whose character she fell in love with in “Road to Christmas” in the summer of 2001. Their daughter Stella was born in December that year.

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