Jack Black The Holiday

Co-starring Jack Black The Holiday was a hit in 2006. Here is a biography of Jack Black and his movie career.

Full Name: Thomas Jacob Black

DOB: 28th August 1969


Where born: Santa Monica, USA

Californian actor Jack Black played the role of Miles in the 2006 movie “The Holiday.” Miles becomes romantically involved with Iris Simpkins (played by Kate Winslet) in this romantic Christmas movie which became a roaring box office success.

Like the other leading actors in “The Holiday” Jack had already built up a huge reputation in the business before the movie was released. He is particularly renowned as a comedy actor.

Indeed, he is the lead singer and guitarist with the comic rock band Tenacious D under the pseudo-stage name JB. Tenacious D had their own TV show and starred in the 2006 movie “The Pick of Destiny.”

Jack started on his road to stardom on television with shows such as “The Golden Palace” and “Northern Exposure.”

In 1992 Jack appeared in his first movie, playing the role of Roger Davis in “Bob Roberts.”A swathe of movies followed over the rest of the decade. Jack received his first movie award in the 2000 movie “High Fidelity,” an American screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by British author Nick Hornby.

His role as Barry earned him the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favourite Supporting Actor – Comedy/Romance, as well as five other nominations.

Black's musical as well as his comic abilities saw him pick up the MTV Award for Best Comedic Performance for the 2003 movie “School of Rock”.

A person of Jack Black's talent is never short of work. Though not a Christmas movie “Gulliver's Travels,” in which he stars as Gulliver opened on Christmas day. 2010 also saw Jack appearing as himself in “Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.”

2011 also saw no let up in Jack's voracious appetite for work continue. He did the voice over for Detective Bulldog R Puppie in “Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil, made a cameo appearance in “The Muppets, did another voice over, this time for Po in “Kung Fu Panda 2” and played Sawyer Redding in “Parker Redding's Big Movie, as well as involvement in a number of TV series.

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