Cameron Diaz The Holiday

Starring Cameron Diaz The Holiday was a festive hit in 2006. Here is a brief biography of Cameron Diaz and her movie career.

Full name: Cameron Michelle Diaz

DOB: 30th August 1972


Where born: San Diego, United States

Cameron Diaz plays Los Angeles trailer editor Amanda Woods in the romantic 2006 Christmas movie “The Holiday.” Along with British co-star Kate Winslet, who plays Daily Telegraph society column editor Iris Simpkins, this film traverses both sides of the Atlantic.

Cameron's career in the limelight started at the age of 16 when she became a top fashion model with leading agency Elite Model Management.

Her modelling career blossomed and even though she lacked acting experience at the age of 21 she was auditioned and won a place in the movie “The Mask,” taking the lead female role of Tina Carlyle. Despite being a novice in the movie industry Cameron still won several nominations for her role.

“The Mask” was to be huge success and more roles followed for Cameron. The 1998 movie “There's Something About Mary” saw her nominated for the Golden Globe Best Actress award. She also received nominations as Best Actress from BAFTA, Golden Globes and SAG following her part in the 1999 release “Being John Malkovich.”

More nominations were to follow as she was recognised as a top actress, and by the time it came to shooting “The Holiday” Cameron Diaz was a well established name on any billing.

Cameron Diaz The Holiday Fame & Fortune

Such is Cameron's fame and fortune that Forbes magazine ranked her the her the richest woman of Hispanic heritage in 2010.

As for the movie “The Holiday” itself, it earned Cameron even more nominations. These were some of the top ones in the media industry - the ALMA award for Outstanding Actress, and more esoteric choices – the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, and the Teen Choice Awards for Hissy Fit.

Being a beautiful and wealthy woman, Catherine Diaz has enjoyed relationships with some top celebrities. In the late 1990s she had a relationship with Matt Dillon, her co-star in “There's Something About Mary”.

By 2003 she started dating the singer Justin Timberlake in a relationship which lasted three years. At the time Cameron won damages from the National Enquirer after the magazine published claims she was two-timing him. She was later to romance baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

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